Arthax - a Playlistcreator and media player

"Oh no!" please not another program to create playlists and play music?

"oh yes!"


We can't find a program, that fits our needs - so we produced it by ourselfs.
And here's the result!


What makes this program special:

Supported operating systems are:

Arthax is available in the following languages:

Demoversion and buying

Arthax is shareware. That means, you can test it in your own time. All functions are available, but every 90 seconds you hear and see a message, that you use the demoversion. To register the demo, you have to enter a registration-code (see below). All of your settings keep there whole functions.

Arthax full version
29.00 (around $30)

Have much fun with this program!

Newsletter and mailing list

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Email address:

We have an Email list, where you can discuss about our products like Arthax. All bug reports, sugestions for new features, or just questions around Arthax are very welcome!
If you want to subscribe to this list, just send An empty email to
Mardysoftware-subscribe (at)
you have to write (at) as @ without the spaces. This is just to prevent spam mails from subscribing to the list.

a word about the conversion function

to convert to MP3 files you have to download the program lame.exe. You can get it e.g. here.
Please unzip the file and copy
to the program folder, where you have installed Arthax.
Because of lizense laws we are not alowed to bundle lame.exe with our program. But if you download it your own, it's not illegal.


Here we have a list of articles, todo's etc. regarding Arthax. Click here to go to the list.


Feature requests for next versions

Download Arthax V2.07

registering Arthax

Please pay 29.00 via Paypal. When we receive your money, we will generate your registration code and send it to you.

To register the program, follow these steps:

  1. Start the program.
  2. go to "Help", and here go to "registration".
  3. Now you are prompted to enter the Registration-Code; if you do not enter a valid code, you can use the program as a demo version. In this dialog there are two edit boxes, one called "Product-Code" and the other called "Registration-Code".
  4. Use the TAB key to go to the edit field called product-Code and copy this Code to the windows-clipboard by pressing ctrl+C. When you enter the field the text is already marked so you can just press ctrl+c.
  5. Now you can
    order Arthax for 29.00 via Paypal! Fill out all the necessary fields like name, email, and so on. When you reach the field called Product-Code press ctrl+v to paste the previously copied product-Code of the game. Another way is to use the button "order program". This brings you directly to the Orderform. The product code is filled in automatically for you. With that product-Code we can create your Registration-Code, which makes your program a full version.
  6. When you are finished with the order process, you will receive an email with the Registration-code. Go to the line with the code, mark the text by pressing shift+down arrow and copy it to the clipboard by pressing ctrl+c.
  7. Now open Arthax, go to "Help", "registration". Use TAB to go to the edit field called "Registration-code", press ctrl+v and than press enter.
  8. Now you should hear the message:
    The registration code is correct. Registration completed!
    The registration process is finished.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or via phone (see the contact information below).


    We hope you like our program!



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