This page contains all the things which are planned for new MaPlEr versions.

This doesn't mean, that we can realize all the things or guarantee that all the listed features will be added to a version. But, we will do our best!


For now, we put all the feature-requests in a list. There's no priority for now. But we will try to do some PHP-Coding, so that you can vote for the most wanted feature. But, you can send an email, and I will put the feature to the beginning of the list by hand.


Okay, lets go, new entries first:

  1. a normalizer, to make all tracks of a playlist the same in volume.
  2. Add a setting to adjust the amount of time the three navigation keys (cursor, ctrl+cursor and alt+cursor) will jump through the file.
  3. Change The fields for Artist, Album, Year Genre for all tracks in a play list.
  4. Tool to rename all files in the play list.
  5. Record with the standard input of your soundcard. We can't add some audio editing features, but the recording feature would be helpful.
  6. improve the program interface:
  7. Add an equalizer.
  8. Save contents of a play list as a daisy book. MaPlEr will create the necessary ncc.html and the corresponding .SMIL files automatically.